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Interested in a Consultation?

We specialise in Vegetarian Nutrition Advice for our clients. A typical Full Consultation consists of:

  1. Face-to-face consultation : discusses your aims and helps identify areas of concern.

  2. Vegetrition Guide to Nutrition: gives an overview of nutrition and explains how your body makes use of the food you eat. Tailored specifically for the Vegetarian Diet.

  3. Vegetrition Nutrition Report : provides in-depth analysis of your nutritional intake and recommendations.

  4. Two Follow-up sessions : to monitor progress and allow alterations in diet to be recorded and advised upon.


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Three Types of Consultation

Full Nutritional Advice - an ongoing nutritional advice scheme consisting of one hour face-face consultation and a detailed nutrition report as well as two follow-up sessions over the following 8 weeks. More...

Ongoing Follow Ups - per two month period following completion of a full consultation.  More...

Remote Consultation - an online consultation providing brief information and a lighter client pack. More...

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